Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lower Your Cholesterol for a Healthier Life by Amber Jonas

Heart disease and Stroke rank highest as the nation's top health issues. Too much cholesterol in the blood often ignites heart disease and stroke. Diet changes and regular exercise can help prevent these problems from occurring if you take the time to plan for healthy living.
Altering eating habits to lose weight is unlike altering a diet based on a significant need. Dieting to lose weight will certainly improve health but if existing health problems already exist, such as high cholesterol, a diet to lower cholesterol is essential.
Changes in your food intake specifically targeted toward lowering your cholesterol are needed. It doesn't mean you must give up the things you love to eat.
A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables with 5 or more servings per day are needed. Grain products like bread, cereal, rice, and pasta are also important. Choose 6 or more servings per day of grain products. Six ounces of your choice of Lean meat or poultry without the skin should be included. Choose fat-free and low fat milk. You should limit beans or peas and nuts or seeds. Baked or broiled fish should be limited to 2-3 servings per week. Use vegetable oils like olive oil or corn oil when preparing any foods. Use spices to enhance flavor of food instead of salt.
There are a number of items you should omit from your diet completely like potato chips and processed foods. The ingredients in these items will raise your cholesterol level tremendously. Dairy products should be avoided as well and foods that include them. Organ meats cause high cholesterol. Omit them from your diet.
You should also develop knowledge of proper food preparation. Proper preparation of food reserves the nutrients and ingredients for optimal health and destroys harmful bacteria.
In order to lower your cholesterol, a change in diet is essential. Your physician may put you on medication if diet changes are not significant enough to lower your cholesterol.
Keep in mind; to save your life, changes need to occur. This isn't a diet for weight loss. It is a change in food choices, which will enable you to live a healthier, higher quality of life while lowering your cholesterol. You will significantly reduce your risk of stroke and heart attack by making these simple changes.
High cholesterol is a serious health problem. If you take action now, you could possibly avoid serious health risks in the future.
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