Monday, May 22, 2006

Motivation, an example!!

Here is a little story that may inspire you to go out challenge you, change your perspective and give you the motivation to complete previously daunting tasks! Okay here it starts; I'm keen on my health and fitness, and enjoy challenges. A couple of days ago, I asked a colleague to give me a challenge, any challenge he wanted. The challenge he gave me was this; do 1000 press ups in a day. For me at first it seemed extremely daunting, especially after my brother assured me that "I had no chance", I had to agree with him, I didn’t fancy my chances. Despite this, I decided to give the challenge a go.
Rather than diving straight in and pumping out a large set I had a think and realised that if I were to break it down and just do 5 press-ups every minute for 20 minutes and that’s 100 press ups done. By doing this it broke it up into easy sets and slowly but surely, the amounts of press ups done increased. Within an hour and a half I was half way. Sure enough before long I got to the 1000 mark proving everyone (including myself) wrong.

Okay so here's the moral of this little story, however big a challenge/target you are faced with, do not fret. You are capable of things that you never would have thought possible. All you need to do is set yourself small, attainable goals (e.g. for me it was 5 repetitions every minute) breaking down what would otherwise seem like an unmanageable, unattainable target, before you know it you will have progressed faster than you could ever have imagined!
Goal setting in life is essential, if you don’t have a clear vision of your goal, you will never reach it, if you don’t set a goal, then you will never achieve what you desire!

So here is my advice, go out into life, embrace any challenges that step your way, break them down into attainable short term goals and amaze yourself as well as those around you with what you can do in the face of adversity. Your body is designed to be pushed and challenged, as is your mind; life is wasted unless you push yourself to your full potential! I hope this helps give you motivation to go out and test yourself!

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