Monday, May 08, 2006

Welcome to Health and Fitness for you!

Hi, and welcome to Health and Fitness, the goal of this blog is to provide you with up to date and innovative health and fitness tips, from trying different techniques in the gym, to maybe a new recipe that you could try at home to maximise your energy, and hopefully, the goal of the site being to: - help you improve your health and fitness by implementing the ideas that I shall share with you!

So here it starts, today’s tip:
1. It is wrong to believe that if you want to lose weight around your midriff then you should do 100's and 100's of sit-ups and crunches, the truth is, that when you exercise, you weight you lose is from an even distribution across your body! So my advice is this, if you want to lose weight from one particular area, don’t just focus on one exercise that works that area, do some circuit training, exercising various, different muscles allows you to burn more calories than if you were just to concentrate on one area and overwork that area and risking possible injury!


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